Picture Books

How to Be an Earthling

Ruby Makes It Even

by Lisa Harkrader
illustrated by MH Pilz

Odd and even numbers

Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp

by Lisa Harkrader

illustrated by
John Abbott Nez

Trade and interdependence

No Place Like Space

The school carnival turns into a cosmic adventure!

Earthlings are weird—just ask an alien!
After Spork crashes his spaceship on the school playground, he joins the third grade.

64 pages | Ages 6–9 | Grades 1–4

Snowball Run

by Lisa Harkrader

illustrated by
Lynne Avril

All about pulleys

Rocket Rivals

by Lisa Harkrader, illustrated by Lynne Avril

Building and testing rockets

A Fishy Mystery

by Lisa Harkrader
illustrated by Cary Pillo

Venn diagrams solve a mystery!

May the Votes Be with You

During student council elections, Spork has a plan that's out of this galaxy.


Chapter & Picture Books

What’s not to like?

—Midwest Book Review

“A great story to start a discussion of even and odd numbers.”

—National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics

Librarians of the Galaxy

Can Grace convince a big-time author to be more accepting of alien life forms?

Planet of the Eggs

When Newton's baby chick doesn't hatch, Spork finds with a stellar way to speed up the hatching.

“The mystery is well crafted and will appeal to primary readers.”

—School Library Connection

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